About me

Ronnie Cruz: A Life Transformed


"Tell us about yourself."

In this sequence, these may be among the four words I dread the most.  I mean, who likes talking about themselves?

But in the interest of public good, I will attempt to share with you what in my opinion are the most pertinent facts about who I am.

The years leading up to this writing have been quite the adventure to say the least.  Transitioning from broke, minimum wage movie theater employee with no prospects of a stable let alone successful future to top earning network marketing professional with the world literally at my fingertips has been... well, nothing short of a roller coaster ride.  But beyond all else, this journey has bolstered my belief that anything really is possible in this life if you're willing to go out and get it.

An actor and musician by trade, I fell upon network marketing very serendipitously while working as a featured extra on Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End. I had been introduced to network marketing (also known as multilevel marketing) years prior but it was on this production of Pirates that I would meet the people and fall into the series of events that directly lead me to where I am today -- a top producer in the field who's bought back his freedom and can now devote time to the things that really matter to him.

Have I reached my goals?

Yes, some of them.  But that in no way signifies that I am done.  I'm a firm believer and practitioner of the philosophy that life is an ongoing discovery, not the very least of which is the discovery of oneself.  So I will always strive to learn and grow and do and be more than I am.

A work in progress.

But then again, aren't we all?

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