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Chris Cornell and Reflections on Life, Death, and Rock and Roll

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="325"] Click the photo for the NY Times article and original source of the picture.[/caption] It's taken me a bit of time to process the news of Chris Cornell's death.  Honestly, it wasn't really sinking in.  Certainly I was saddened that yet another icon from my youth had gone before what we all…

How to reprogram your beliefs

In this final video of the series, I explain how if you're harboring beliefs that aren't serving your higher good, you can reprogram your mind with new beliefs that will.  I go over some simple things that if you implement consistently for the long term will make a huge impact in the trajectory of your life.…

Beliefs Determine Decisions

If decisions determine our destiny, then it is critically important that we be mindful of the decisions we make; not just major life event type decisions but also the everyday seemingly insignificant decisions we make practically unconsciously.  Over the long term those smaller decisions actually contribute more to determine the course of our lives, so…

Decisions Determine Destiny

We are the sum total of the decisions we've made over the course of our lives.  We've all heard this.  So if we're to become more purposeful creators of the trajectory of our lives, we must be absolutely aware of what decisions we're making at every crossroads.  In today's video I explain exactly that. (more…)

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