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Don’t forgive… instead, seek forgive

For positive energy to flow to you, for good things to be attracted to you, you must be be of the proper mindset.  Without it, you will haphazardly attract whatever feelings and thoughts (conscious or subconscious) you have at any given moment.  The lack of proper awareness, practice, and control of these thoughts (and the attached…

Are you repelling wealth and prosperity?

[caption id="attachment_2754" align="alignleft" width="150"] Are you repelling wealth and abundance?[/caption] Are you attracting wealth and prosperity to you or are you repelling them? Prosperity and abundance all start in the mind. So, if you're working to achieve those things it's important to be aware of your perception of them.  In this video, my goal is…

Comic Books Galore!!!

I'm reading and collecting comic books again! I know, exciting right? Ok maybe not for you.  But for me it's a reconnection that I realized I'd craved for a long time.  As I've mentioned recently in previous posts, I had been so focused (as I needed to be) on building my business and climbing the…

Song of the Week! – SHE THE BREEZE

We're five weeks into my One Song a Week Challenge and I realized I hadn't been sharing my music here on my blog for all you wonderful and loyal readers. SO... here's the five tracks I have so far all in one post. Do feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel and please LIKE…

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