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New Beginnings, New Horizons

Creating new habits (or re-estabilishing old ones) can be difficult.  On top of everything else that we HAVE to do in our lives, most of the time it's easier to not make changes.  After all, it's easier to keep things as they are and moving in the direction they're moving than alter the settings and chart…

Lift the Lid Off Your Thinking and Anything is Possible

I've decided to get back to vlogging again!  A few short years ago I used to post videos discussing Network Marketing tips and training, tutorials to help you build your business. But because of the accelerating growth of my team and what that meant in terms of the increasing demands on my time, I had to shift my…

The Secret To My Success

Oh the Places You'll Go or I Became a Pirate Because of the Power of Broke: Part 5 The butterfly effect is some crazy shit. The five weeks in Dominica were among the most magical weeks of my life, a time that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Because it didn't…

I Became a Pirate Because of the Power of Broke: Part 4

Part 4: It's never the final chapter until it's the final chapter. I woke up the next morning thankful that my fever from the night before had broke. Besides being a bit tired from the restless sleep, I was surprisingly okay. No fuzziness. No temperature. No fever. [caption id="attachment_2686" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Black Pearl docked…

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