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We have a new blog!!!  I have recently partnered up with my good friend and colleague Yoli Diamond Jason Ching on a new project called DREAM BUILDERS CLUB!  With Dream Builders Club, our goal is to bring you the first rate network marketing training you  need to take your business to the next level. From…

Success Treadmill Part 2: The Story Continues

(This post is a follow up to a previous post: Will Smith and the Success Treadmill. You can read it HERE.)  A few posts back, we discussed running on a treadmill as a metaphor for achievement and success. And I spoke about the little game I play during my workouts at the gym, seeing how many people I can outlast on…

November Book of the Month: The Obstacle is the Way

[caption id="attachment_2207" align="alignleft" width="213"] November's Book of the Month: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday[/caption] As with any undertaking, the journey of personal development begins with the first step. However, sometimes there can be confusion as to which direction that first step should be. Because we were getting this question so often, my…

I’m Speaking at Mastermind Event! What?!

  Ok, so with the Network Marketing Mastermind Event only a few short days away, my speaking is far from breaking news.  However, that doesn't mean I'm not still freaking out! I've attended the Mastermind Event since 2010 and I was totally that guy sitting in the back trying to be a sponge, trying to absorb as much information…

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