Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Break through copy"Sometimes you have to have a breakdown before you have a breakthrough."

I've used this quote a lot in the past and in a recent email exchange I was asked by a friend who was experiencing some hardships how to get through those tough times, the "breakdowns" if you will.  Here was my response:

First, recognize that even though the key to that statement is "you have to have a breakdown before you have a breakthrough" it is preceded by "SOMETIMES".  Many people have breakdowns but unfortunately never actually learn anything from those lessons, which is what "breakdowns" actually are – learning opportunities. So make sure to always be open to that, to always asking "what can this situation teach me?" Sure it might suck, but if you are active in your desire to grow and learn, then there's ALWAYS a silver lining.

"SOMETIMES" also refers to the fact the breakdowns aren't a necessity so to speak for breakthroughs to happen. It simply means that sometimes it takes a breakdown to facilitate those realizations in an individual that hitherto had eluded them. Outside of this, we are all more than capable of learning and growing without having to do it "the hard way".

That said, I don't really know what's going to get you through the hard times. It's different for all of us. Really it's a measure of your belief – no matter the adversity, what do you believe and will that belief be enough to carry you through? For me, no matter how hard it got, I believed. I knew that I would succeed in this thing* and I gave myself no other choice. So I just had to endure. No matter how bad it sucked (and it sucked bad) I had to endure. After each time, I would dust myself off and say to myself, "Well, that sucked. But hey, I'm still standing." And the beautiful thing was that each time I went through a rough patch, I knew with ever increasing certainty that I could get through it because I had already gotten through rough patches before, over and over again in the past...

That's where the strength comes from, from knowing that no matter what you've gone through thus far, no matter how hard it was, you're still standing.

And you are.  You're still standing.

You got this.




*When I speak of "this thing" I'm talking about Network Marketing.  If you want to learn more about that CLICK HERE.

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