2014 Book of the Month Recap

2014 Book of the Month Reading List

Here's a quick recap of our Book of the Month reading list from last year:

1) 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
2) Outliers
3) Start With Why
4) Stickability
5) The Power of Starting Something Stupid
6) Adversaries into Allies
7) Rich Dad Poor Dad
8) Go-Giver
9) It's Not About You
10) Outwitting the Devil
11) The Obstacle is the Way
12) Think and Grow Rich

If you're new to the Book of the Month, I encourage you to grab a few of these titles for some extra reading.  Or if you're a Book of the Month veteran, there's not a book on this list that doesn't merit a re-read (or multiple re-reads).

So keep reading and keep growing.


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