I’m Speaking at Mastermind Event! What?!


Ok, so with the Network Marketing Mastermind Event only a few short days away, my speaking is far from breaking news.  However, that doesn't mean I'm not still freaking out!

I've attended the Mastermind Event since 2010 and I was totally that guy sitting in the back trying to be a sponge, trying to absorb as much information as I could, trying to figure out how to make this business work. So to be invited to speak this year is an incredibly honor and a dream come true. And it is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

So thank you Art Jonak for giving me the honor to speak at this year's Mastermind Event. You have simultaneously challenged me to rise up and be better while at the same time given me a mild heart attack.  emoticon


As a bonus and in case you missed it, here's a recording of my talk on Personal Development at Yoli's Transform Conference this past August.  Huge thanks to Justin Mercado for recording and sharing this with us.

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