I Became a Pirate Because of the Power of Broke: PART 3

Part 3: Have a definiteness of purpose and cool things happen.

Cannibal me in full costume and make-up for Pirates 2

The audition went as well as I could've hoped.  Given the circumstances, I was able to maintain focus and still give what I felt was my best shot.  But, confident with my performance as I might have been, there are always the lingering doubts that come after any audition.  Was I expressive enough?  Did I make eye contact?  Should I have made eye contact at all?  There were no speaking lines but did I communicate well enough with my face?

Over the years, as an actor I learned to let go.  You can control what you can control — your performance.  Once you've finished your audition, everything after is out of your hands.  Don't get attached to the outcome.  (I'm confident things like this helped pre-condition me to mindsets conducive to Network Marketing and entrepreneurism)

After rewarding myself with some sight seeing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Mann Chinese Theater, and nice dinner, I headed back home to Brooklyn the next morning.  I was relieved that the audition was done but anxious to know if I would hear back.

A few days passed and nothing.  The few days turned into a week, and nothing.  More time passed.  A week and a half now.  I was again resigning myself to the likelihood of not hearing back from them.

Then after two weeks, my phone rang.

"Hello, is this Ronnie?"

"Yea hi, this is Ronnie."

"Hi, Ronnie.  This is the casting department for Pirates of the Caribbean 2.  We're calling to let you know that we will be having call back auditions and we'd like for you to come out for them."

Cue: pin drop.

Cool as a cucumber, "Of course. Yea.  No problem.  I'll be there."

Of course.  Yea.  I'll be there.  BIG problem.

This meant another last minute trip to Los Angeles.  Last minute flight, last minute car, last minute hotel, last minute food.  I call my sister to tell her the great news.

There was an almost audible sigh on the other end of the line.  "Okay, well nothing we can do but put it on your credit card."

She was right.  She and I both knew that I couldn't NOT go.  After taking the chance of going out to a first audition that ended up being open to thousands of people, I was one of the few chosen to come back.  The opportunity was pounding on my door once again and I could not ignore it.

Take the shot.

A couple of days later I find myself in Los Angeles, again all on credit.  I was nervous, more nervous than the first time.  When I got to the motel, I knew something was wrong.  I was feeling... off.  A fogginess had settled into my head and by the time I was in my room, I knew I was running a fever.

I got into bed drowsy but restless, and hoping that I could get enough rest to be well enough to make it to the audition in the morning.


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