The Secret To My Success

Oh the Places You'll Go
I Became a Pirate Because of the Power of Broke: Part 5
The butterfly effect is some crazy shit.

The five weeks in Dominica were among the most magical weeks of my life, a time that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Because it didn't end there.  On the Pirates 2 gig, a certain handful of us that were cannibals were then asked to become pirates for the next movie, At World's End.

This took me to locations like the Bahamas, giant sound stages built up in old airplane hangers in Palmdale, California, and even on the Black Pearl herself out on the coastal  waters of San Pedro and Redondo in Southern California.

And it was during my time in LA that I met a cast mate and fellow pirate who would one day ask me if I was into health products.  Being open to health and wellness and always having the willingness to look multi-level marketing/network marketing opportunities, I agreed to my friend emailing me the information.  A few months later after we wrapped on Pirates, I got started with that company and soon found myself in Las Vegas for their regional convention.

It was in Vegas that I first met my upline, a very driven individual named Eugene Hong who in spite of having an incredibly unforgiving schedule (100+ hours a week working his restaurant and catering business) made the 4 hour drive to Vegas from Los Angeles to meet with me because my direct sponsor had "a last minute gig" he had to take.  All for the better because Eugene and I connected immediately and thus began a friendship and partnership that lasts to this day.

Eugene and I built with that company for a few years and saw only nominal success.  We then went on to work with Yoli when they first launched and the rest as they say is history.

Now of course a lot more happened from the time we got started with Yoli to today and I'll share those stories with you in time.  For now however, lets close this chapter on a few points that I believe convey valuable lessons.

I had a dream of working on a picture with Johnny Depp and really it was a deeper burning desire to be a film actor.

One thing I always had was belief.  Having the goal was one thing but a lot of people have goals.  What separates the achievers from the rest of the herd is that they BELIEVE that they can and will hit their target and they won't let anything get in the way of making it happen, even themselves.

Sure it's going to be tough and the journey is fraught with trials and tribulations.  But when you have a goal and the belief to back it, you go and do despite the challenges.  It's that unwavering belief that will ultimately inform every decision you make on your course towards your goal.  It's that belief that tells you to take the shot when everything and everyone around you tells you otherwise.

There were a million reasons for me to not have gone for the Pirates gig — lack of money, lack of resources, staggeringly ridiculous odds, a world telling me to be more sensible.  And I could've listened.  And could've never gone out for that Pirates audition.  And never be asked to work on Part 3.  And never meet the guy who introduced me to a health and wellness company where I would never meet amazing business partners and life-long friends.  And I wouldn't be sitting sharing this story with you today.

But I went.  I took the shot.  A million to one.  Because I believed.  And I still believe.

That to me is the Power of Broke.  That is the "secret" to my success.  And now it can be yours.



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